by coolshark

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this one 4 all the basements
thanks to everyone for being so nice to us and letting us play for you


released May 15, 2016

Recorded by coolshark @ crooked house
Mixed Mastered by Julian @ Gravesend Recordings



all rights reserved


coolshark New Jersey


we love you

currently 3 peas

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Track Name: They Don't
they don't know my name I find on my end it's all the same maybe we'll get stoned and try to be so funny and maybe it's too much our colors on you again and I think I felt good tossing back some brews with the guys you knew poured some out for you way too soon when I got home I felt nothing at all I spent some time between my four walls when I woke up I looked across the street saw your face if you know what I mean
Track Name: Shithole
bent out of shape and out of place and you're honestly either inspired or feeling drained both feel the same overall you're overwhelmed by thoughts of staying where you're most lost most of all too scared of where to flee if it's where you're supposed to be you swore that people never change in an honest way I swear that I've been trying so hard that I just might drawing from the source of your own vice it's fucked but it's your right most of all you're scared of where you're from it it's where you'll just end up
Track Name: Crooked
I don't mind feeling out of my feelings and I know that this might make us fight sometimes I don't mind feeling like a dog needing bare bones but I still find I'm chasing my tail most every night I got your number you wrote it on my paw guess I'm supposed to find a good time to call but I've got bad habits of calling myself first and getting wrapped in the wires that curl and connect us I'm crooked and dumb
Track Name: Shoes
I know when your dad calls I'll barely call at all if I'm inhuman like a robot like you said and swore than you're an animal who feeds on slamming doors I will talk so slow you can't not understand listen to you tell me I'm not listening I will shut up and let you talk yourself out nod like I hear and wish I could turn you down I'm wearing your shoes I'll wear them out for you I'm tired of myself and anyone can tell tired of the past and present tense what's already said is everything we meant please don't talk again I'll play out every argument until one of us makes sense we're past the point of points of view
Track Name: Soccer
Nevermind how I seem sometimes nevermind the way I tend to lose the track of time in all the wrong times every time for you I often find that I'm the shade in a room inside where everyone's alright and I've been trying to keep myself from fading out the light I unwind when you're back in town I change my mind the same way you change yours and maybe by the time you leave I'll figure out a rhyme nevermind your tired eyes everything is fine if fine is what you like nevermind your sleepless nights tell me how it goes or I don't have to know